Keverton Outdoor Pty Ltd was established to cater for the growing needs of the “Comfort Heating” market. Australians are increasingly embracing the charm of dining and entertaining outdoors, both at home and in commercial spaces, and Keverton provides the outdoor heating solutions they need as the weather grows cooler.

Outdoor Heating for Domestic Spaces

Modern home design places a major emphasis on the alfresco living area, and a cost effective, efficient outdoor heating system will extend the experience further into the colder months. We provide outdoor heating products that will keep you and your guests warm while remaining unobtrusive and fitting in perfectly with your outside decor. Find our heating systems here, including our infratube heaters. Our outdoor heating page shows the models of outdoor heating systems that we offer and their kilowatt capacities. Find out how infrared electric heating technology works on our FAQ IR Heating page.

Commercial Outdoor Heating Solutions

Restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels have for a long time realised the commercial advantage of creating alfresco areas for customers who like to dine outside. Our range of patio heating is perfectly designed to cater to their needs. Our photo gallery of large heated outside areas will help provide inspiration when designing your own outdoor heating system.

The implementation of smoke-free laws across Australia has meant commercial venues must cater for their smoking clients or risk losing them to a venue that has provided a warm and comfortable outdoor area. Read more about the benefits of electric outdoor heating in Australia here.

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