Aira Gas Panel Heater

Aira is a leading Australian manufacturer of heating solutions with almost 50 years in the business, that supplies heaters both locally and worldwide. You can trust this company to provide up-to-the-minute heating technology and, because they’re local, understand Australian weather conditions and have tailored their equipment accordingly.

Aira continues its tradition of heating excellence with their range of gas panel heaters for both commercial and domestic use. These products provide consistent and effective heat plus weather resistance strong enough to cope with Australian conditions. They’re safe to use in crowded areas and are perfect for both outdoor areas and inside.

Heater Installation and Infrared Technology

Designed for permanent installation to a fixed wall, these heaters are unobtrusive and allow space for other uses. They operate on either natural gas or LPG, and there is a range of options for ignition, from manual to remote control. As well, gas provides the advantage of enabling a fuelling boost when temperatures drop and you need to turn up the heat a bit.

Best of all, these models use infrared technology that gently warms surfaces rather than the surrounding air. This type of heating is more efficient than more traditional techniques as warmth is directly absorbed by solid objects rather than dissipating into nothing.

For a local manufacturer who really understands heating needs in Australia, you can’t go wrong with Aira and their gas panel heaters. Call Keverton Outdoors today if you’d like to find out more, or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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