Alfresco Cooling Systems

Alfresco cooling is a whole-system solution to keep you, your family, and your guests comfortable as you enjoy your outside area.

High Pressure Misting

These systems use a technique called high pressure misting. Pipe lines are installed onto the pergola infrastructure that covers your outdoor area. These lines are fitted at regular intervals with specially designed misting nozzles. When water runs through them, it’s forced through the nozzles to create a cloud of super-fine droplets. It may sound like everyone underneath will get soaked, but these water droplets are so tiny that they evaporate before they reach anything solid. As they evaporate, they take heat energy from the air, which cools it down without wetting your guests or customers. It also discourages insects, solving two hot weather problems with one fix!

As well as providing an efficient way to beat the heat, these systems are very cost-effective and work even in areas with high humidity. Keverton Outdoors provide a quick and professional installation service and we’ll take the time to explain how the al fresco cooling system works. You can start using it right away – and as soon as you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner!

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