Condenser Pre cooling

imageWhen the mercury rises, we become slaves to the air conditioning. Unfortunately, these kinds of vapour compression cooling systems tend to become less efficient in the heat – the classic catch-22 situation. The hot weather places more stress on the compressor, making it harder to reach a high enough refrigerant temperature for the process to work. As a result, the air conditioning unit uses more energy and suffers heavier part-wear. At best, this pushes up your energy bill. At worst, your unit could cut out when you need it most, or cease working altogether.

The condenser is a vital component of the air conditioner. It operates as a heat exchanger, and works together with another component called a compressor. Hot gas is discharged from the compressor, and the condenser converts this into a liquid through the process of condensation. The ultimate goal of the whole procedure is to transfer hot air from inside the house to the outside.

Condenser pre cooling gives your A/C unit a helping hand, enabling it to operate more efficiently during the hot weather. It also has additional benefits: it lowers your power bills, increases the life span of your unit and makes your A/C more environmentally friendly by decreasing your carbon footprint.

We can install condenser pre cooling for you to improve the functioning of your A/C unit, or conduct servicing for your machine which will include a pre cooling process. Give us a call today!

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