Dust Suppression

image Large volumes of dust are a by-product of work in the major industrial operations. Sometimes this dust contains a very specific threat, for example, in the demolition of a building containing asbestos. Even plain dust, however, can pose a threat to health, safety and the environment, if there’s enough of it. Breathing in excessive amounts can cause lung disease, and its distribution through the landscape can cause damage to animal habitats, plant-life and waterways.

Therefore, control of dust is a vital task for the major industrial operations. Water can be used to wet down dusty areas, but for large-scale sites this solution can be a bit short lived. Plus it requires a plentiful water supply, and some sites are located in areas where this is problematic. For these situations, effective dust suppression requires a little something extra.

At Keverton Outdoor, we provide water-based solutions such as fogging, misting and atomising systems. We also offer specially formulated dust suppression products which augment water with a polymer-based solution that changes the property of dust at the particle level. These are far more effective than water alone, and are also non-hazardous, easy to apply and have a low ecological toxicity.

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