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At Keverton Outdoors, we feature a range of electric heaters from Infratech, an American company at the forefront of developing infrared technologies. These models represent an exciting breakthrough in outdoor electric heaters, and we are proud to offer them to courtyards and backyards across Australia.

Innovative Infrared Technology

Infratech products use electricity to heat elements made of quartz glass, producing a light wave on an invisible spectrum that creates a radiant heat. This heat emanates outwards without fans or blowers to push its movement. Infrared is especially useful for outdoor electric heating as it does not warm the air, but instead travels until it encounters an object or biomass - it’s not even experienced as heat until absorbed by something solid.

Warmth generated by this method is very directional and energy-efficient. It’s also very unobtrusive; because no fuel is burned in its generation it is soundless and odourless. Additionally, the light emitted by the glass quartz element is very low.

Environmental Benefits of Infrared Electric Outdoor Heaters

An additional benefit of this electric outdoor heating technology is that has minimal environmental impact. It emits no toxins, and it converts 90% of its input energy into radiant heat, producing very little wastage. By contrast, traditional gas heaters are far less efficient and create harmful emissions as a by-product of gas combustion.

Plus, it’s not just the functioning of Infratech heaters that’s kind to the environment – all components and packaging are totally recyclable. It’s a win for the environment, as well as your outdoor heating needs!

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