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image Got a big event coming up at the height of summer? This is the premium time for people to be out and about, but blazing heat can be a deterrent. Make your occasion a success with our event hire cooling systems – perhaps you’ll draw even more people just looking for a way to beat the sun!

Whether it’s a small wedding or a large festival, we have a comprehensive range of options depending on the size and location of your event. From simple solutions such as fans to large, industrial-scale portable air conditioners to cool your pavilion, we’ve got what you need. We also offer mid-size options such as portable misting fans and spot cooling air conditioning units.

Cooling solutions are essential to stay comfortable in the Australian summer, so make sure you don’t forget this aspect in your event planning – you don’t want an otherwise perfectly organised occasion to be spoiled by extreme weather. Give us a call today on 0418 551 520 and we’ll give you expert advice about the best cooling solutions for your particular event. We’ve got years of experience and can provide the equipment that best fits your requirements.

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