Outdoor Heating FAQs

What is Infrared Heat?

Infrared heat is produced by a light wave that’s just beyond our spectrum of visibility. The radiant energy produced by this light is not consumed by air and doesn’t actually become heat until something solid absorbs it. This quality makes it a very efficient form of outdoor heat as it doesn’t “blow away” and transmits straight to objects: furniture, walls, people.

How Many Heaters Do I Need?

We calculate the required number of heaters by using units of space measured 3m x 3m. The mounting height needed in your area will help to determine the best model for you in terms of size. If you’d like further advice from our expert staff, give us a call on 0418 551 520 – we’ll be happy to help.

Which Model Should I Choose?

We have a calculator on the products page of our website to help you work out what size might be best for your space, but as a general rule we recommend:

• Height 2.3m-2.5m = 3kw heater
• Height 2.5m-2.8m = 4kw heater
• Height 2.8m- 3.3m= 6kw heater

In covered areas the heaters may exceed this recommendation. If you would like further information about our products, take a look at the product specification or give our helpful staff a call on 0418 551 520.

Why Install Infratech Heaters?

Infratech is an American company that has been dedicated to pioneering infrared technology for over 50 years, and their latest models represent exciting technological developments in efficiency, efficacy and environmental protection.

Their products are perfect for outdoor use because they are cost and energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe. They are also extremely sturdy and able to withstand the elements - and attractive to boot!

To find out more about Infratech products, take a look through our website or give us a call on 0418 551 520, we’ll be happy to chat!

Why Electric Over Gas?

Gas heaters are not ideal for outdoor heating for several reasons. As a by-product of fuel-burning, they emit carbon monoxide and other hazardous fumes, not to mention noise and odour. They are often less than 50% energy efficient, whereas infrared models convert over 90% of their input into heat. Finally, infrared heaters are unaffected by wind, while gas operated heaters rely on a naked flame to create heat – which can be thwarted by any good, strong breeze!

How Long Will My Elements Last?

Infratech heater elements are rated at 6,000 hours of use, which generally equates to about 12 years of domestic use and 6 years of commercial use.

In the unlikely event that your element fails within the first 12 months of use, we’ll gladly replace it free of charge.

What is Infrared Heating?

Infrared heat is produced by a certain spectrum of light wave that creates radiant heat (very much like a sunbeam). It’s a type of electromagnetic radiation, so-called because it radiates out, needing no fans or blowers to distribute its warmth. It’s a very efficient form of heating for the outdoors because the warmth it produces is not absorbed by the air. In fact, infrared heat doesn’t become heat until it encounters a solid object. When used outdoors this means the warmth does not dissipate and instead goes directly to furniture, walls – and people.

Our infrared heaters are powered by electricity, and use a heated glass quartz element that emits a wavelength of light and radiant heat. The benefits of this heating technology include:

- The warmth produced is instant and direct
- It operates silently and produces a gentle rather than a harsh light
- It’s cost-efficient
- It’s environmentally friendly
- It requires minimal maintenance
- It’s well-designed and stylish!

To find out more about this technology, call us on 0418 551 520. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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