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  • Outdoor Heating Options for Your Home Design

    We all want our outdoor area to look fantastic and feel comfortable. Outdoor heating is a fantastic solution, allowing you to enjoy al fresco entertaining well into the winter months. Whether you choose the classic look of fireplaces or versatility of gas panel heaters, outdoor heating is sure to make your outdoor area more inviting – and also, stylish!

  • High Pressure Misting – an effective Outdoor Cooling System

    When summer comes around, many of us take to the great outdoors to celebrate and enjoy the warm weather. While Australians love frolicking by the swimming pool, on the patio or in the garden when it’s warm outside, many of us – understandably -retreat back inside when the temperature gets up to the high 30s, or even into the 40s.

  • Gas vs Electric Outdoor Heating

    It might be the middle of winter in Australia at the moment, but at heart we are very much an outdoors nation. Therefore we will often try to find a way to increase our comfort outside in these colder months of the year.

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