Outdoor Gas Heaters for Australian Businesses and Backyards

Have you ever felt it was a shame to retreat indoors as the weather grows colder, looking out into the backyard and wishing you could continue making the most of it? If so, Keverton Outdoors can offer the perfect solution! Our range of gas outdoor heaters, which utilise innovative infrared technology, can help keep your yard and al fresco dining areas open so you can enjoy them almost all year round. We supply both residential and commercial customers.

Keep reading to find out why these products are a good choice for your home or business!

Infrared Technology

All our outdoor gas heaters use infrared technology to provide warmth. This innovation is superior to typical gas burners because it’s more energy and cost-efficient, as well as environmentally friendly. How does it achieve these feats? First of all, infrared heat is generated from an element of quartz glass. The element emits radiant light rays, like those from the sun, which transmit heat to solid masses only. This means it only becomes heat once it reaches furniture or people, rather than pushing the heat uselessly into blank air.

Warmth wastage is prevented, making the process more fuel-efficient, and as a result, it’s cheaper as well. Another appealing aspect of these gas-powered outdoor heaters is that they emit a subtle glow rather than a harsh glare. This makes them fantastic for commercial applications as well as for the home, enabling you to create a welcoming, pleasant ambience for customers or guests.

Outdoor Gas Heaters from Keverton Outdoors

We have two main types of heaters we can supply and install for Australian homes and businesses.

Gas Panel Heaters

Panel heaters can be wall-mounted so they’re safely out of reach and let you use space on the ground for other things. They also have a slim-line design so they’re unobtrusive and blend in well with any surroundings.

Gas Tube Heaters

Gas tube heaters are significantly larger than the panel models and require more wall or ceiling room for mounting. However, they also offer a larger range of warmth and are ideal for large outdoor areas. They begin their heating at the point of largest mass – the ground. From there, the warmth moves upwards into furniture and people, and then re-radiates into the air. This method makes them particularly suited to outdoor commercial areas that are considering gas heaters for patron comfort.

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