Outdoor Coolers and Cooling Systems

When you’re in the middle of a days-long heatwave with everything wilting – from the salad to your sunburnt guests – it’s clear that too much sun can be just as bad as not enough. Though it’s a relief to retreat into the indoors and the shade, it’s such a shame to leave the garden and the courtyard behind.

Now, however, this can all change: with our range of outdoor cooling systems, you and your guests can continue to enjoy your outside spaces while staying comfortable even in the fierce heat. From Alfresco systems that are designed to keep your outdoor entertaining area cool with as little disruption as possible, to dust suppression products that prevent health, safety and environmental problems on building and mining sites, we have the best outdoor cooler technology available for both domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

A Range of Cooling Options

Get ahead of the hot weather with condenser precooling for your air conditioning unit, or keep the temperature down in your backyard with outdoor coolers such as a patio fan or portable mist piping. If you have a big outside event coming up and want to ensure its success despite the blazing sun, take a look at our event hire solutions. Whatever your outdoor temperature control needs, we can supply and install them.

At Keverton Outdoors, we are dedicated to providing the best and most efficient technology available to maintain your comfort and safety outdoors. Give us a call if you’d like to know more about any of our products.

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