At Keverton Outdoors, we specialise in providing outdoor heating systems and patio heaters for both home entertainment and commercial premises in Melbourne, Australia. We have a broad selection of electric and gas heaters, so you have the choice of which is best for your specific requirements.

Our range is divided into three main categories:

Electric Outdoor Heating

This range of heaters runs on electricity to power the latest in energy-efficient infrared heating technology. Infrared provides heat directly to solid objects rather than trying to warm the air. It’s also silent, unobtrusive, and environmentally friendly. These models are compact and attractive, and can match almost any type of decor. They work very well as outdoor patio heaters in the Australian climate.

Outdoor Gas Heaters

Outdoor gas panel heaters also generate infrared heat, and have a variety of advantages. They’re cost-efficient, and provide constant, gentle warmth. In addition, they are very safe; wall-mounted, they’re out of reach, and the heat they generate emerges from the front of the panel, limiting the chance of accidental burns. You can also choose a colour that will best complement your decor. These are also good products to use as domestic or commercial outdoor patio heaters during the Melbourne winter.

Outdoor Gas Tube Heaters

These products use natural or LPG gas to produce infrared radiant heat from a steel emitter tube. They are perfect for more cavernous buildings or large outside areas with plenty of wall or ceiling space, because they direct the heat they generate towards the floor. The floor is the largest point of mass in a building, and when it soaks up this heat it then moves it upwards to the next closest solid objects: furniture and people. From these, it then circulates into the air.

As stated earlier, this option requires more space than the previous ones, but it also delivers a great gas heater solution for large outdoor areas or large commercial premises like halls and factories.

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