Outdoor Misting Cooling Fans

image Want to be able to enjoy a cool drink on your verandah even at the height of the blazing weather? Misting fans for your outdoor area offer the perfect solution for the hot Melbourne sun.

How It Works

Outdoor misting fans contain nozzles distributed around the grille that disperse fine clouds of water vapour. This vapour is then distributed through the air by the movement of the fan’s blades. The purpose is not to wet surfaces or people – the droplets dry up before any contact is made. Instead the water removes the heat from the air as it evaporates, lowering the temperature on even the most sizzling of days. It also has the added advantage of creating a barrier that bugs fear to cross, eliminating one of the most annoying things about being outside in the summer!

Energy Efficient

The best part about portable cooling systems is that all they need to get running is tap water and a power point. Misting fans for your outdoor cooling needs are energy efficient and cost less to run than conventional air-conditioning. That’s definitely a “cool” feature!

We offer mist cooling fans in a variety of sizes, and, because they’re portable you can move them to wherever they’re needed (as long as they’re in reach of a power point). We also offer kits that can transform your ordinary fan into a misting one for those hot summer days.

Grab an outdoor misting fan for instant and direct relief from the Australian sun! You’ll be glad you did.

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