Portable Outdoor Misting Cooling Systems

image When the summer heat gets too much, take advantage of Keverton’s portable outdoor misting cooling systems. You can take them wherever you need them to be – on the patio, by the pool, or by the doghouse to give relief to an overheated pet, to name just a few options – and they’ll start working their cooling magic immediately.

There are two main options for portable mist cooling: fans and misting lines.

Misting Fans

Misting fans pump fine clouds of water vapour through the grille, which is then dispersed through the air by the motion of the fan’s blades. This water vapour quickly evaporates without wetting surfaces or people, cooling down the air that surrounds it. It’s an extremely effective method and we stock a range of sizes with varying areas of coverage. Fans are also the ultimate portable solution that can be transported with relative ease to a variety of locations.

Misting Lines

Misting lines are a more fixed outdoor cooling system: a length of flexible tubing with nozzles distributed along them at regular intervals. The line connects to either a hose or a self-contained water tank that pumps water out of the nozzles in a fine mist. They operate the same way as the fans, but are even more customisable; you can lay them across the lawn, the fence, or even around the perimeter of an umbrella.

Portable mist cooling solutions offer truly ingenious methods to keep things cool over summer. Perfect for use at home, your place of business or an outside event.

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