Infratech Heaters Product Specifications

Infratech has been dedicated to pioneering infrared technology for more than 50 years and Keverton Outdoor is proud to bring their innovations in comfort heating to Australian homes and businesses.

Infratech heaters present exciting technological developments in efficiency, efficacy and environmental protection. Their core component is a specially designed element made of quartz glass. When heated, it emits a wavelength of light and energy that’s perfect for use outdoors because instead of heating the air, the heat is transmitted only into solid objects: tables, floors, and people. This prevents the heat from dissipating uselessly into the air, and also ensures it’s widely and evenly spread.

Thanks to these qualities, Electric Infrared Heat is remarkably efficient and cost effective. 90% of its input energy is converted directly to radiant heat, unlike traditional gas burners that have a lower than 50% efficiency. Also unlike fuel-burning heaters, infrared technology emits no harmful emissions or ultraviolet rays, making it safe for people and the environment.

Infrared heating technology is also superior in regards to ambience. These heaters operate silently, have no smell and need no ventilation. Their light is a subtle glow rather than the harsh glare of a halogen or short-wave electric heater. Plus they have a compact and elegant design, easy to incorporate into any decor. They’re hardy, too, more than capable of withstanding the harsh Australian elements; constructed from Marine Grade stainless steel and a special composite alloy that provides outstanding resistance to corrosion. As an environmentally friendly bonus, the components and packaging of Infratech comfort heaters are completely recyclable.

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