Sunpak Radiant Gas Panel Heater

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Sunpak gas panel heaters are designed especially to extend your enjoyment of your home’s patio or backyard into the colder months. In fact, their manufacture is so specific to the great outdoors that they can’t be used inside. Outside, however, their effect is comforting, pleasing and perfect!

Infrared Technology

Sunpak products are powered by either natural or propane gas, but they don’t operate like your typical gas panel heater. Rather, they use the gas to produce an infrared radiant heat, which mimics the warmth of the sun. The warmth isn’t experienced until it encounters a solid object, such as a person or a piece of furniture. This method is perfect for the outdoors because the heat doesn’t blow away or evaporate into the air, but instead is “saved” until it reaches you. Even better, it registers as a gentle, soothing heat rather than a hot blast, so it creates an atmosphere that’s easy and pleasant to be in.

Hard Wearing and Good Looking

Sunpak gas panel heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted, which makes them always available, easy to access, and also conserves space on the ground. They’re available in either a stainless steel finish or a black powder coat, and are built with a slim profile. These qualities make them unobtrusive and able to suit most patio settings.

They are resistant to basic wind and rain and so can cope with a reasonable degree of weather-wear. Each model is supplied with a 24 VAC spark ignition system that includes flame monitoring through flame rectification. This ensures that the heater will shut down if the flame does not ignite, a very attractive safety feature! It’s also economical, preventing gas wastage.

Simple to operate, easy to maintain and economical to use, these products provide an excellent solution for outdoor entertaining!

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