Keverton were chosen because:

1) Terry Hills Tavern is one of the coldest places in the Sydney Basin. The brief was to create beer garden that could be used year round regardless of the weather .

2) Our investigations on running cost found that Keverton heaters are cheaper to run than gas heaters.

3) We put them on movement detectors so that they only work when a patron is actually sitting in the booth or seat. This means that you are only paying for the energy when a patron needs the heating. In comparison gas heaters are on all night regardless of whether a patron is in need of heat or not.

4) They can be individually wired or wired in banks which gives you greater switching control. We can over ride each heater and turn them off or on depending on need. This can be done remotely and does not necessitate standing on a ladder to switch off a gas control cock. Plus they can be put on our Dynalite Control system which enables integration to program on and off cycles to suit opening and closing times.

5) The heaters also come with a high and low heat mode. This enabled us to tailor the heating mode to suit patron needs and locational issues such as greater exposure to cross wind situations.

6) The units provide a good spread of heat that, due to the length of the heaters, suits patrons seated in long tables.

7) The heat is infra-red. The glow is inviting and in warms regardless of the cross wind. We have other heaters which are gas and electric that give off a thermal heat rather than radiant heat, any cross wind and the benefit is wiped away.

8) Gas bottle type fittings can be moved around. Because Keverton heaters are bolted to the wall they cannot be moved. This means that there is no damage to finishes as bottles are moved around on our timber floors.

9) In comparison to bottle gas there is not only the savings in energy but also the labour in having to replace the bottle, light them and position them. This usually occurs during busy nights where you can have a staff member constantly being called to light the bottled gas, position them and then have to replace the bottles.

10) Gas bottles also have OH & S issues relating to storage and change over which you don’t have with Keverton heaters.

11) There is virtually no maintenance on the installation.

As Clients Agent, having project managed 5 major hotel renovations over the last 6 years, I would not go past looking at Keverton heaters for any future hotel renovations because they are simple and they work. We tried just about every other heater and they don’t measure up in terms of just getting it right.


Flying Fajita Sistas

At the Flying Fajita Sistas in Glebe we have a lovely little courtyard which seats about 40 people. For most of summer the courtyard was in high demand however as soon as cold weather came around people favoured indoors and it was difficult to utilise the space in the courtyard. We knew we needed to install heaters however the choice was difficult. Firstly we had to decide between gas and electric. Gas was always the heat I was used to so we looked considered it first however the cost of installing permanent lines, or the hassle of changing gas bottles, along with the limited ability to place them near awnings or walls made electricity the best option. After researching a few options we came across Keverton Outdoor heaters. We installed 2x6kw heaters in our courtyard and now cannot hold the customers back. Our turnover has dramatically increased with the ability to utilise a space which customers always prefer. Given the product quality and price, you cannot beat it for value. Our confidence in the product has recently seen us purchase 4 x 6kw heaters and 4 x 4kw heaters to install in our other restaurant. Highly recommended.

-Mat Sigmund, Flying Fajita Sistas


Well done. The whole process was a great experience. Much smoother than any recent purchases and installations that I have been involved with.

Thanks to your expert knowledge, we selected the right heater and the right position to place it. Then the delivery took only 24 hours. The electrician then took a couple of hours for the installation and wiring back to the switchboard, and we now have a beautiful, functional heater for our party this weekend. I can't believe that it went so smoothly.

Many thanks to KevertonOutdoor!



Hi Kevin, Just letting you know that the 5 heaters I purchased for our balcony have been the best investment I have made in 3 years at the homehouse nightclub.

Patronage on the balcony has increased 5 fold and the bar nearest to the balcony has increased 100% since the heaters were installed. The heaters paid for themselves in one month! A big thanks!

mario@homehouse.com.au Home House Nightclub
Moorabool Street, Geelong, Vic


I write to express my delight at the performance of your recently installed Infratech outdoor heater at the Hotel.

The patronage in the beer garden has commented on the extremely warm conditions provided by the heater and I must say I am staggered at how far the heater projects warmth into the outdoor area.

Whilist we predominantly installed your Infratech heater to cater for our smoking clients, it has been worth putting in early, even though legislation doesn’t kick in until July 2007, as patrons know they are comfortable and will return to our outdoor area. I have noticed that the general use of the beer garden has increased with our clients enjoying the ability to use the outdoor area even in colder times.

The heating has already significantly increased our bar sales by extending our alfresco dining and drinking patronage.

Our evening customers are now using an area of the Hotel that at this time of year was rarely used. We are delighted with the performance and fully intend to install additional Infratech heaters to complete our outdoor area.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Reilly
Prince Alfred Hotel
Church St, Richmond, Vic


I write to express my delight with your recently installed infratube heaters. They are all you said they would be – and more. I have already noticed that smokers are staying longer, along with a generally unprecedented overall percentage of the beer garden for this time of year.

My customers have noticed, commented and express their surprise at the effectiveness.Even on very cold nights – last Friday night for example – the garden was full, unheard of at for this time of year.

I intend to install another of your heaters to further extend my customers now obvious – and now possible – year round preference to be outside and stay longer. And ofcourse to cater to smokers.

I am so impressed with the infratube heating system that I have included the fact on my home page and “news” section of my website, stating “one of the only heated beer gardens in the Melbourne CBD” and providing a link directly to your website. Now, truly effective heating is available and most definitely of enormous benefits to our customers all year round.

Yours Sincerely,
Rod Callister


Following construction of an ‘Al fresco’ area to manage the proposed smoking regulations due next July, we approached Kevin Smith at the Keverton Outdoor for some innovative ideas.

Kevin measured our terrace area (18mtrs X 6mtrs) and suggested we install the latest technology from America, InfoTech infrared heaters.

We installed 5 large units and 2 smaller units and have been amazed by the performance we get from them, as the area is quite large and fairly open, but our members have been completely satisfied and at times have asked for some to be turned off as they give out a great deal of heat for their size and they are unaffected by wind.

We are completely satisfied with this product and would recommend them to anyone wishing to heat a similar type of area.

Thanks to Kevin and the team at Keverton Outdoor, we now have the best ‘outdoor room’ of any club or pub in Victoria.

Yours sincerely,
Graham Keating
General Manager
RSL Club Dandenong

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