Gas Tube Radiant Heaters

image image DETROIT RADIANT - EHL SERIES 220V Two-Stage Infra-Red Tube Heater

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image image DETROIT RADIANT - EDX SERIES 220V Single Stage Infra-Red Tube Heater

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Gas tube radiant heaters are designed to work efficiently in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, especially when there is a large amount of empty space. These heaters contain a radiant tube in which hot gases are moved by pressure generated either by vacuum or power. Reflectors placed above the radiant tubes then direct the resultant energy downwards.

Inspired by the Sun

The design of these systems is intended to emulate the heating efficiency of the sun. Under this method, the source of the heat begins at the floor, which is the largest mass within any building (or outside). Thus the infrared energy is first absorbed by floors, furniture and people, and then it’s re-radiated to warm the air. This makes it the most efficient and effective means of heating for large, spacious buildings or the great outdoors.

Re-Verber-Ray heaters

Produced by the Detroit Radiant Products Company, Re-Verber-Ray brand products have long been recognised as the best heating solution for commercial and industrial applications. We sell two of their low intensity tube heater models.

EHL SERIES 220V Two-Stage

The RADIANT - EHL SERIES 220V Two-Stage Infra-Red Gas Tube Radiant Heater offers with the following features: fewer on/off cycles over single stage; documented fuel savings; and enhanced comfort thanks to its top grade heating capacity.

EDX SERIES 220V Single Stage

The RADIANT - EDX SERIES 220V Single Stage Infra-Red Gas Tube Heater offers high quality construction materials that enhance product performance and lifespan; and a specially designed stainless steel burner.

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